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At Luxur Dress Rentals (Luxur/LDR), we believe there is a better way to enjoy fashion without breaking the bank.

Think of it like this!

As women we want to look good in every occasion we attend and it can be quit expensive. Yet we’ll only wear the same outfit at least once or twice.

The result? A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. As Luxur we believe women want an experience to look good and feel good, that’s it!

Why own an outfit only to wear it once? While you can rent it at a fraction of the retail price, wear it then return.

No stress of commitment, breaking the bank, cleaning or cluttering your closet with clothes you’ll never wear

Our mission is to make women feel beautiful and confident in their outfit in every event without the need of ownership.


By building the first African ‘closet in the cloud’ that is easily accessible to women of different shapes and sizes.

Imagine an unlimited closet full of gorgeous outfits; different designs, color, print etc. and all you need to do is

  • Rent

  • Wear

  • Return

  • Repeat