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How do I keep track of the styles I like?

See a dress you love? Click on the small hanger to the right of the item. This saves your favorites so that you can easily compare and find dresses at a later date.

How will I know if my rental will fit?

We know how important the perfect fit is for those special occasions. We have provided a detailed size chart for each product for the perfect fit.

What if the delivered outfit doesn’t fit me?

However hard we try to make you happy, – on rare occasions sometimes a dress doesn’t fit as well as you’d like – we get it! Don’t worry, Luxur has got you covered. Here is what you should do:
If the outfit does not fit you need to return it. Please call us at +254 702793043 | +254 775073203 within 6 hours of receiving the outfit. You can request for another outfit to suit your occasion.

What undergarments and fashion solutions do you recommend?

We list recommended undergarments on the stylist notes on every product page. If you need additional assistance, reach out to a Stylist by emailing

What if I am having trouble with the zipper?

Because our items undergo constant dry-cleaning, the zipper may become a bit tough to zip. If this happens, try using a bar of solid soap or a pencil on the track, which may help you zip your dress with more ease. If you are still having trouble, please reach out to or give us a call at +254 702793043 | +254 775073203.

How do I choose the perfect dress?

If you know exactly what you want: Use our search filters to help you narrow down your choices by the color, length, neckline and more.
Can’t decide and need styling advice: Talk to one of our stylists! You can EMAIL or call us at +254 702793043|+254 775073203. Our stylists are happy to answer any questions you may have, talk you through the steps of placing your order and help you choose the perfect dress!

What is closeting?

After you’ve registered, you can start creating a virtual Closet—this is what we call closeting. Begin by logging into your registered account and clicking on the hanger icon to the upper right-hand of the page. You’ll be directed to the Your Closet page where you can view all items that you would love to rent from us. You can also choose to delete an item if you’re no longer interested to have it in your closet.

How do I add items to my closet?

Now that’s the fun part! You can start closeting items by browsing our site and viewing everything Luxur has to offer. Check out New Arrivals for new styles.
To closet an item, click on the hanger icon at the right side of the item. That’s it! This item will now appear in your closet.

How do I delete an item from my closet?

Find the item you wish to delete, to the furthest left, click Delete.

How do I access my closet?

Once you have logged into your account, click the hanger icon to the upper-right corner.