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How It Works



Simple and Easy! We have something for everyone. Filter dresses by date, size, occasion and more. Fall in love, then make an order



Get excited! You’ll receive your outfit one day after the order. All that will be left is you to show up and show off in your occasion.



Easy! Slip the dress back to the provided package and drop it off by 2pmthe next day.



Welcome back! We stay on top so that you can feel on top. We’ve got you covered on all your occasions.

The 50% Retail Cost insurance fee covers most mishaps.


How does Luxur work?

Luxur dress rental is a company aimed to revolutionize the fashion industry by introduction of fractional ownership. Women tend to spend so much on their clothes only to end up wearing them at least once or twice.

We offer rental services for one time occasional wear. We help you stand out at all the occasions in your life be it a date night, night out, brunch or your friend’s wedding.

You can book any outfit from two days to a month in advance with a rental period of four days.

How many days can I keep the outfit?

You can keep the outfit for four days. The day you receive your outfit is the first day of owning the dress and the fourth day being the return date.

How will I know if a dress fits?

We know how important the perfect fit is for those special occasions. We have provided a detailed size chart for each product for the perfect fit.

What if the delivered outfit doesn’t fit me?

However hard we try to make you happy, – on rare occasions sometimes a dress doesn’t fit as well as you’d like – we get it! Don’t worry, Luxur has got you covered. Here is what you should do:

  1. If the outfit does not fit you need to return it. Please call us at +254 702793043 | +254 775073203 within 12 hours of receiving the outfit. You can request for another outfit to suit your occasion.

Do I have to pay for any security deposit?

We collect at most 50% of the retail price of the product as a security deposit.

This security deposit is fully refundable if the outfit is returned in good condition. What’s good condition, you ask? We understand a drink can spill, or perfume and lipstick can stain an outfit sometimes. We don’t charge for minor damages or stains. However, if the outfit is damaged significantly i.e. the cost of repair is high then we shall deduct partial or full value of the security deposit. We’ll decide the amount on a case-by-case basis at our discretion

I’ve placed my order. What do I do next?

First thing’s first, get excited. You’re going to look great!

Your order will ship out from our fulfillment center 1 day before your rental begin date. Once it’s shipped you will receive a text notification.


Be sure to try everything on the moment your order arrives. On the off chance you’re not totally satisfied with your Reserve rental, we’ll do everything in our power to get a replacement style to you in time for your event. That’s our 100% Guarantee.

I am not able to place an order.

We’re so sorry you’re facing hiccups while placing an order, we’d hate to inconvenience you further. So here are some options:

  1. Call us at +254 702793043
  2. Email us at

Our team will resolve your issue swiftly!

I want to cancel my order.

Oh no! Cancellations make us sad. However, to make it easy for you we allow cancellations anytime. You can cancel the order by calling +254 702793043|+254 775073203,with the order ID and phone number.

My order has not arrived.

We’re sorry to hear that! In case your pick up has not arrived at the scheduled date then please drop a mail to with your order ID & our team will get back to you regarding the status or to reschedule it for you.

What happens if I return the order late?

Unfortunately, late orders have a domino effect. When you return something late, it means the next person who was planning on wearing that style no longer can.

In order to ensure all of customers have an exceptional experience (with an on-time delivery), a late fee of 500 shillings per day will be deducted from your insurance fee.

What will my order look like when it arrives?

Dresses and clothing will arrive in a black Luxur Dress Rental reusable garment bag.

Can I keep the black garment bag my order came in?

Unfortunately, no. We need your garment bag back. If the bag is not returned, we’ll have to charge you 350 shillings. We recycle the plastic wrap, so in the interest of sustainability please send it back to us (feel free to stuff the plastic in the garment bag).

Is there any delivery fee charged for the order?

  1. Delivery around Nairobi City will be charged 100 shillings.
  2. If the order is beyond the CBD delivery charges will vary with your locations.
  3. If the order is cancelled or returned by customer, delivery charges are non-refundable.

How do I ensure hygiene?

At Luxur Dress Rentals customer delight is everything and we hold ourselves to very high hygiene standards. We have partnered with diligent laundry experts to ensure each outfit is properly dry cleaned before being delivered to a customer.

Do I need to dry clean the dress itself before and after wearing?

Not at all. Dry cleaning is always on us! We deliver the dress to you in perfect condition for you to just slip it on and dazzle. You do not need to dry clean the dress before returning it either! We mean it when we say we’re hassle free fashion closet.

Will I need to iron the dress myself?

Each outfit will reach you ironed and packed in a garment bag. Hang up the bag and slip on the outfit just before the event. We have high quality and delicate fabrics and only use quality steam irons on our outfits so we strongly advice not ironing it yourself. Any damages from ironing will be deducted from your security deposit.

Can I alter my outfit at home?

Luxur Dress Rental provides a definite size for product. In case you feel tempted to alter it yourself then do remember, that we charge for any damages and tears to the outfit.

I want to chat, how do I contact you?

We would love to hear what you have to say. You can either email us at or callus  at +254 702793043 | +254 775073203

I am happy with your services, where can I leave my reviews?

We’re so happy you enjoyed your fashion date! You can write a review for any Luxur outfit that you have worn and help other Luxur Renters choose better.


Click on the review tab under the product image to leave your review. Alternatively, you can write to us at

What is the time taken to process the refund of the security deposit?

The day we pick up your outfit, we perform a thorough quality check. After the outfit passes the quality check, we can return the deposit as follows based on your method of payment:

  1. Online Payment- Your security deposit will be credited to your account within 7-10 working days.

Our customer service executives will call up to ask you which option you prefer or you can directly send us your account  details at with your order ID after your pick up.

Which cities do you deliver to?

We currently live in Nairobi. If you are at the near outskirts of Nairobi and looking to rent from us we might be able to bend the rules for you, therefore email at

I want some Luxur in my life, when will you launch in my city/town?

Want us to launch in your town.Do Drop us a mail on perhaps we’ll see you book an outfit sooner than you think!

Can you deliver to my city/town for an extra fee? Please

No promises but for certain special occasions we can perhaps make an exception and deliver to your city. Please write to us at with the details and we’ll get back to you in 1 day.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Mobile money, Visa and Mastercard

Whom do I contact if I face any payment issues?

If you face any issues with the payment, you can email us at or call us on +254 702793043|+254 775073203. Our customer care team will get in touch with you ASAP to resolve the issue.