10 Fun Facts About Luxur

Well hello there, It has been a minute and my hope and prayer is that you’ve been well, if not so you definitely will be. It’s  all about being positive Today I decided to be a bit spontaneous  and just share  a few random details about us. Without further a do let’s  dig in:

1. Do you know when we were birthed ? It was officially  on the 17th of September 2019.

2. We are a company that was built by women for women. Every member of Luxur is a lady serving another lady.

3. Luxur Dress Rentals  is a Ministry Business. By that, I mean we are a business that is founded in Christ Jesus and aside from the fashion Aspect we are called to serve women with and for God.

4. Luxur is the first cloth  renting company in Africa. It’s  a company aiming  to revolutionize fashion.

5. At Luxur we believe that not all clothing  are meant to be purchased but rather rented. This is a more sustainable  way of consumption and it reduces the negative consequences  caused by fast Fashion.

6.Our Mission is to enable women look beautiful  and confident in luxury outfits without the need of compromising.

7. 5 years from now,  we see ourselves having served more than a million women,  having built a more larger closet and having created more than 1000 jobs in our dream closet.

8. We currently  have 100 dresses to choose from for your occasion

9. We have a website that resembles a physical closet. Check it out at luxurdressrentals.com. Here is the link http://www.luxurdressrentals.com

10. Lastly, we believe nothing  under the sun is impossible with Christ. .

That’s it for today, short and sweet. Now you know ten(10) random things about Luxur Dress Rentals. Our why, our when, our values and goals. Thank you for staying in touch till next time be blessed.

Thank  you

Luxur Babe

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