Maintaining your inner glow: Socially and financially

Hello, Once again we are so happy that you are here for the part 2 of how to maintain your inner glow. On our previous blog we tackled three aspects of our lives that being the spiritual, physical and the mental. In case you missed it, here is where you can find it.

Corona has really made most of us see more clearly when it comes to how we live our lives. Some great and some not so great. We’ve discovered that there are definitely some certain parts of our lives that we need to work on.

Social: Relationship with other people

Now that Friday night hangouts, weekend brunches, after service chit chat and all those activities we used to mingle have been halted, it’s difficult for most of us and you might be experiencing a bit of cabin fever. Being stuck indoors isn’t fun at all. However, there are plenty of ways to stay connected. Luckily, we are in an era where internet has become our superman. Now all you need is to expound your creativity. As much as zoom, skype and others have come in handy by helping us stay connected .We need to try think out of the box and break the monotony. For example you can plan a tea party with your girlfriends and have a nice chat, you can also plan to dress up and have some wine as you chat with your friends etc. All am saying, is try spice it up because there comes a time we stop looking forward to video calls. The difference will be great.

It’s at this time we can’t afford going mute on our friends and loved ones. Staying connected is what is helping most people push on. So let’s come up with creative ideas to attend our video calls to avoid making excuses for not attending them.

Financial: Relationship with money

Now when it comes to money the story has changed for most of us if not all. Salaries have been cut, some jobs have been lost and some businesses are not thriving as they should. If it’s any consolation so many people are on this bracket you are definitely not alone. We are starting to witness some economic consequence and the uncertainty of tomorrow drags us to stress even more. Did you know too much worry about money is harmful to your well-being and mental health? In case you didn’t know now you know. To avoid these we should practice some financial discipline (budgeting) that will enable us to survive during these times.

Here are a few tips that can get you started;

  1. SWOT Analysis- Since there has been a drastic change in our work space and lifestyle, spending has also changed. It may have declined or increased whichever the case it’s very important to do a SWOT analysis on your Finances. Look at your essential expenditure and how it’s changing. A few pointers that should help you-
  2. What expenses have decreased? It can be fuel for those currently working home, eat outs, work clothes etc. Now that you are working from home see if you are able to save
  3. Where should you invest? Since you are working from home new essentials have emerged; laptop, internet etc. Make sure to do your research on quality but affordable subscriptions. Draw a distinction on things you need and those that you want. Avoid spending on things you want for it to be easy to stick to your budget. Remember each coin matters.
  • Future proof your Finances; This is the best time to go through your past financesand see if there are weaknesses or threats that have been preventing you from  achieving your financial goals. You may notice that a huge chunk of your spending tends to go to a certain activity, find ways on how to slow it down. You might also consider diversifying your income and this is where that business idea you’ve been procrastinating about should be on the table. Take this time and grow and improve your finances.

Well that’s all from our desk. I hope the two blogs that we posted have impacted you in a positive way. Do have an amazing weekend, till next time. Stay safe and sane

Yours truly

Luxury Babe

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