Maintaining you inner Glow: Physically, Spiritually and Mentally.

During this season I believe most of have been tested be it Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Financially and Socially. I must admit I have, not once nor twice and honestly, the beginning of this period did hit me hard but I learned a few tricks to deal, to focus on the positive and also grow positively in the five aspects of my life. Before we dive in, I hope you are well and if not don’t worry you are in right place. No one prepared us for this. However, we shall see how best we can maintain our inner glow during this quarantine period.

Physical; Relationship with your body. Here are a few tips;

Hydrate – It’s the simplest trick in the book but very hard for some of us. Water is life for a very good reason. I personally walk with my bottle everywhere I go. At this period is when we tend to snack on a lot of crap and maybe and just maybe that’s the reason you feel like crap. Girl! HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Drinking more water helps with bloating, acne and curbing hunger.

Spa– It’s now a tradition of mine to have atleast one day of the week where I treat myself to an extreme spa day. My nails, hair, face and general body is taken cared off. It’s amazing how this can transform your week. I recommend this 100%.

Exercise– Truthfully I loathe pain and ya’ll know exercise equals to pain so cancel me out. I am not proud and that’s why I decided to take long walks instead. I am trying to be loyal to it since that feeling after the walks is amazing and I love feeling amazing, so yes to walks. Give it a try, it helps wake your muscles and also you can try dancing it out. There is this amazing youtube channel that is so fun and can guide you in dancing exercises tap POPSUGAR Fitness to see what am talking about. Take a look, I am pretty sure if you’ve been wanting  to learn to dance or exercise or both this is the channel for you.

Spiritual; Relationship with God.

I know some of us have been hit hard when it comes to spirituality. Some if not all of the activities we loved and depended on have been halted. However, this is the time your loyalty to God is tested. Are you that person when things are good you stay and when things are awful you run? What’s your thought of a person who pulls this trick on you?

I for one, I have decided to trust God no matter the direction my life is taking. It has been a process but the peace and joy I am currently experiencing it’s crazy but I love it and honestly I’d wish you experience it too. However, it’s a decision you have to make and that’s trusting in Him. Moreso, intensifying your prayer and knowing your Bible more. Find your peace and Joy from God because you won’t and I repeat YOU WON’T find it anywhere else. I can bet on it.

Mental; Relationship with your mind.

It’s genuinely not a surprised so many people are currently depressed. Since we aren’t at work and operating 100% we have more time in our hands. So what do we do? We overthink, we stress. We get to face most if not all the negativity we had bottled up and escaped through our busy schedules. You fallen into addiction, loneliness, depression and all that nasty stuff. So what should you do? Here are a few tips;

(Appling the law of: Garbage in, Garbage out)

  1. Motivate yourself– This is your responsibility. When you have bad days talk some positive words to yourself. You can also watch videos, listen to music that inspire you or best of all read your Bible.
  2. Ingest positive content– Remember garbage in garbage out. You wonder why you curse yet your playlist is filled with curse songs, you wonder why you are vulgar yet the content you watch and listen to is vulgar. There is no magic in this world. I have never seen a Sodom apple plant producing an apple fruit. For those who don’t know a Sodom apple plant is a weed and it’s poisonous.  Your mind will think and use what you feed it . Love yourself more by feeding your mind enlightening, empowering and encouraging content. Make that choice because it’s yours to make.

Well folks that’s enough tea for today, It’s sure bitter and sweet but very helpful to sort out that ‘flue’ in your life. Every day I sip and negativity flees. I hope this article enlightens, encourages and empowers you one way or another. Today we’ve managed to look three aspects that being physical, spiritual and mental and since I am not up for saturating your tea. Let’s meet on Friday same time and look what we can do with our financial and social life during the corona period. Till then stay safe, love yourself and treat everyone with kindness


Luxur Babe.

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