Tea On Color Slim

Good morning lovely people, how are y”all holding up? It is my prayer that everything is okay not the best best but hang in there tu we shall overcome this. Moving on I know that since most of us are on quarantine we tend to consume a lot of food. The food tends to store up in some parts of our bodies that we wished they wouldn’t.

I have good news for you there is a way out, you could either exercise yaaaaas I said it you need to look for your gym gear that has been collecting dust since God knows when or you can cheat it by wearing some colors that are able to make you look slimmer before you get back to your daily routine that helps keeps everything in place. Keep reading to learn more.

Okay okay you made this far so I’m assuming this blog post will be pinned up for reference once we are done with the current “Stay Home” period. The main trick is wearing flattering colors.

  • Black

Being the first color, black expresses: sophistication, power, drama and elegance, hence every lady opt to have a little black dress in her wardrobe trust me it works wonders from a size 18 to a 10 with the snap of a finger. Therefore stock up your wardrobe as soon as the period is over or better yet rent a couple from Luxur Dress Rentals we have an amazing diversity of black dresses that would surely do the trick. An example being: https://luxurdressrentals.com/product/black-v-neck-ruffle-dress/

  • Dark Blue

Blue’s energy is about: peace, tranquility,calmness,order, reflection and trust. Wow I think I’ll be making sure I have a hint of blue in all my outfits, you should too. Just remember the darker the blue color the better. A styling tip is a dark pair of blue jeans and a bright color for the top but in case you have wide shoulders and narrow hips kindly do the opposite a darker top and a bright trouser.

  • Dark Purple

Purple expresses: royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. Take about manifesting all the above. Try wearing a whole lot of purple from time and time and lets compare notes later on. The good thing about purple is that it blends with most of the common colors or if not it makes an amazing combo when it comes to color blocking.

  • Dark Brown

Brown expresses: stability, reliability, dependability, and approachability. The best part is brown is the color of the earth therefore it is comforting and nurturing, thus you can never go wrong with it. For it is the same color that formed us in the first place. Remember to keep it dark brown in order to achieve the illusion.

  • Throw away tips.
  1. Avoid bright colors like white, red, orange, pink and all shining colors for they help in adding a few pounds on you.
  2. Don’t wear a white blouse if you want to camouflage a large chest.
  3. Avoid khakis if you’re trying to disguise wide hips.
  4. But if you’re bored with black and want to wear more exciting colors, just keep in mind: Bright colors draw attention to whichever area they are worn on.
  5. If belly is the only problem area of your body, make an accent at your legs by wearing colored tights or shoes.

As I land this plane always love yourself unconditionally that includes your body and do right by it by exercising from time to time and eating right cause it will be the same body that will take care you during your old age. Stay safe and always positive.

With Love.


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