Get to know yourself better.

Hello queen, today’s blog will be a little bit different compared to the rest but my hope and prayer is that it shall be of immense benefit for you. Now if you’ve been an avid reader of Luxur’s blog you’ve definitely come across a statement that goes like ‘Writing is free therapy.’ As many of us are in quarantine we genuinely have a lot of free time on our hands and instead of using it worrying about tomorrow and the days to come, l think we should spend his time trying to know ourselves,really knowing ourselves. I know you are wondering how? Well that’s why today’s blog is up.  It’s sort of a game where you are required .to answer all the questions truthfully. Some questions will require you to dig deep but I assure you that you’ll come out having known some interesting bits about yourself. Now as I mentioned writing is therapy so I would recommend you journal all this.


  • Find an Ideal Space; I recommend a quiet place. Where you can transform it into a relaxing space either by playing a music genre that makes you feel relaxed or lighting a scented candle or opening your favorite bottle of wine or Soaking yourself in a tab. Whatever makes your space feel relaxed do it before taking part in this activity.
  • Take your journal and pen

Imagine you are on a date with yourself. I have prepared three challenges all with twenty questions. Answer each one of them truthfully and have fun. Atleast you can be real with yourself.No judgement, you are also not allowed to judge yourself. Let’s begin!

Congratulations !!! If you finished answering each one of the questions above. How are you feeling? Much better? At ease? I know, I have done it too. Writing is free therapy.

That’s all from me today

Stay Blessed

Luxur Babe

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