Good morning lovely people and Happy Happy New Month, can you imagine April is here already!!! I believe we are all super grateful to see yet another month hoping it will be super kind to us (fingers crossed). Here at Luxur our theme for this month is FAITH we all gotta strengthen it right now and have hope that we shall come out the other side the best version of ourselves.

Alright that out of the way today we are going to learn some fun facts about fashion that have been there since time immemorial. You are not even ready for this, check them out:

  • Eyebrows on Fleek

You know the way most of us girls can not and I’m stressing on the word “can not” leave the house before we do justice to our eyebrows. A few years ago I didn’t care how they looked to be honest but when I got an awakening your girl does her best now a days to make sure they are popping 24/7.

The fun fact here is as much as we are drawing back our brows people in the 14th to 17th Century used to shave it all off, I know the horror!!! An example is Mona Lisa. I can’t even imagine the generation that is after us what it will be like.

  • Dolls were a masterpiece

Did you know that the doll that your small sister, cousin or niece keeps banging on the floor from time to time was considered a treasure? Get this models to walk the runway were not yet discovered till the late 19’s. Fashion designers used to show case their designs on dolls people freaking dolls, can you imagine how many they needed to bring their designs to life?. We gotta give it up to them, for they were the real MVP.

  • Skirts are the real OG of fashion

Yes people yes. Skirts have seen the world change and withstood the test of time cause get this they are only back dated by loincloth. Loincloth which were worn by ancient Egyptians those days of Moses, that is a really really long time ago people.

Plus in those days skirts were only worn by women for it was considered a feminine garment. Fast forward to this century even men these days wear it all in the name of “fashion”, plus others because of their tradition like the Scottish men who don’t call them skirts but rather Kilts wear it as a symbol of pride for the clan to which they belong.

  • The culture of wearing black

Okay so history has it in the 19th century if you wore black and you were not mourning the death of someone you were considered a very strange individual. In the Victorian Era women were expected to wear black for two whole years when they were mourning the death of their husbands. I mean one month or two is okay but two years!!! were they not over doing it? Leave a comment of your thoughts.

Fast forward to today black is a must have in every ladies closet and wearing it every now and then does not label you strange at all in fact its Bold and Chic, take that Victorian Era.

  • High heels

Okay so this one caught me off guard, I’m still in disbelief. Its said that in the 16th century high heels were worn by both men and women as a status symbol. By the late 15’s men mostly wore them for stability while they rode their horses to keep the foot from slipping in the stirrups, but the trend later stopped during the French revolution.

Well loves those are the top 5 fun facts about fashion I wished to share with you. In case you have any major one I might have overlooked feel free to leave a comment below. Have a blessed day.

With Love Luxur.


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