Have a productive day in quarantine.

Hello there, how are you doing? I hope all is well with you and your family and most importantly keeping safe. Now that circumstances have forced most of us to stay indoors which may be harder for some than others. I thought why not compile a few activities that we’ll keep you occupied during this quarantine period. Let’s get straight to it:

  1. De-cluttering your closet; you’ve been complaining how you have so many outfits but it’s difficult to get one to wear. Well the cause is that you might be having outfits that need to get out and get replaced. Try on all your outfits whichever sparks your joy stays and those that don’t, to be discarded. And yes! Even the cute outfits that aren’t your size they  have to go. We have a step by step guide for de-cluttering tap HERE
  2. DIY; Time to try some creative do-it-yourself projects. You can start with some of the old items around the house and watch YouTube videos on how to transform them to new also we have a new page where we’ll be sharing outrageous cool ideas on DIY activities see HERE
  3. Improve your relationship with God; those early morning and tiring evenings reduced your time with God? Don’t worry now you have time. No more excuses. Dust off your Bible and meditate on the word. Rekindle your relationship with God, trust me this will give you piece of mind during this period.
  4. Journal; writing is free therapy. It’s time to discover yourself no more busy schedules. Try Journal every day on different things i.e. take time reflect on what you’ve accomplished in the last three months, make a list of things for which you are grateful for, head on to Pinterest and try answer as many self-discovery questions as you can.
  5. Podcast; Broaden your listening skills by listening to some motivating podcasts out here. A few that are my favorites and currently listening to is; how I built this, The school of Greatness, Daily Inspiration with Steve Harvey and T.D Jakes sermons. You can also self-discover some but remember garbage in, garbage —– Great!
  6. Self-care; It’s time to do your own mani-padi. Nothing so fulfilling like finishing to treat your skin and just In case you might not have the products to do so, discover homemade products. You never know it can be the start of something new. You can even start your own self-care line and boom! Multi-million company in the making.
  7. Learn new skills; in the current world we are living in, a skill is just as important or even more than the academic papers we all struggle to get. Examples of some skills you can take up learning; cooking, knitting, plaiting, Painting nails, calligraphy, new language, drawing, make up artistry etc.
  8. Read; It’s said that the best secrets are hidden in books. If you are an avid reader this will be smooth for you ,however, you who see books and get tired I think you can try reconcile your differences by starting with a page, a chapter ,two chapters and one book down. That’s how you cover a milestone.
  9. Research; you’ve been having a business idea or project, and you ended up shelving it just because of lack of time. Let’s just say, that you now have it. For some it can be you’ve always been interested with how some things are made i.e. wine, candles, coffee, noodles etc. I repeat you have time.
  10. Bond with family; life can really be funny, yeah! You might be living with your parents but you hardly see them either because you are too busy, they are too busy or both of you are busy. It’s time to have some family time, catch up with how they have been doing, how work or school is it taking them, and if  their favorite wine changed. Ladies! Make your mum’s nails  pop as you talk about life. You have time, use it.
  11. Clean your space; Re-arrange your panties, socks, head wraps, wigs etc. Discard some old make up brushes and wash those that are dirty. Do your laundry, wipe your windows and wash all corners of your space. What about your fridge and microwave?
  12. Serve; Am about to get a little personal on this. Some of us have always taken tea and left the cups on the table with an excuse of ‘ am going to run late,’ some never know how utensils get cleaned in their house, others cleaning where you ate is a problem. What excuse do have now? Young lady serve and start from home. Today serve tea, tomorrow make mandazis, the other day help your mum do something, anything but serve!
  13. Meditate; Try lying down with your eyes closed while focusing on your breathe for a couple of minutes or spend 15-20 minutes sitting cross-legged and repeat a soothing word or statement to yourself in your head i.e. a statement like ‘ I am a queen,’ or ‘I am loved’ or ‘I can do this,’ or ‘I am a conqueror.’
  14. Check up on your friends; many people are going through depression and now that they have nothing much to focus on they can easily drown in their thoughts. Spare some time and just call a friend, ask them how they are doing and what they are up to and most importantly affirm them of your availability to them when they need to talk or someone to listen to them.
  15. Look yourself in the mirror and attempt a self-portrait with a pencil and a paper; haha, I guess this is one I haven’t really taken responsibility to try. It seems super interesting. There is time so which excuse will you and I give? Let’s draw ourselves what’s the worst that can happen, haha.
  16. Put on a soap opera, mute the sound and create your own dialogue; this is so fun, I can’t even emphasis it enough. Just in case you have a mate or partner or bae whichever lights your world you can do this activity together. A good way to bond with laughter and creativity.
  17. Use skpye, face time or google hangouts to video chat with long distance friends; this is the only communication method I am currently enjoying using aside from phone calls. Face timing is a better way of communication for those who love one on one conversations.
  18. Indoor games; Scramble, monopoly, shereds, scavenger hunts, chess, jenga etc. Gather everyone in the house and play some of these fun indoor games.
  19. Catch up with your favorite YouTuber.
  20. Get some sleep, lots of it.

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