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If you’re looking for an easy, fun and affordable style upgrade, you are definitely on the right space! Welcome to the Luxur Dress Rentals Studio at Kahawa Sukari, along Thika Road. Visit our studio to have a glimpse of your dream closet. Here are some of the FAQs about Luxur’s Studio.

  • What is Luxur Dress Rentals?

Luxur Dress Rentals is a women’s fashion rental service where you can choose what you want to rent. We provide you with outfits you’d love to wear but not necessarily want to keep. Simply wear and enjoy the pieces. Then return and repeat!

  • What can I expect to see at the Rental Studio?

First of all some gorgeous and amazing fashion! You are not even ready. We recently finished the construction of the Rental Studio with the aim of allowing you our esteemed client to have a one on one Luxur experience. Moreso, expect to meet members of our team who are happy to answer all your questions about renting.

  • Can I leave with the dress of choice?

Yes you definitely can. It’s not in us to break off a new found love. We delightfully pack your outfit of choice and you are free to walk with it and return it at the scheduled time.

  • What other service can I expect from the Rental Studio?

We offer styling tips just in case you feel stuck on how to pair your desired outfit. In addition to that, we offer fitting services whereby we help you get your measurements for future use.


 Kahawa Sukari, along Thika Road


0702 793 043 / 0771 543 074

Mon – Fri: 9 am – 5pm

Sat: 9am- 12pm

Sun: Closed

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