Different Ways Of Pairing An Outfit.

Good morning lovely people, first off lemmi take this opportunity to wish y”all a Happy Happy New Month. Join me in raising a toast to March hoping and praying it brings with it new opportunities, new challenges that will not only shape us but enable growth in the process.

Today we have an interesting topic to share that entails wearing an outfit differently. You may see some of our pieces worn by one person and wonder mmmmh “What if she ditched the heels and substituted it with flats ? How would that look like?” Well great news we are here to do just that, lets call it channeling our creativity in styling. Enjoy.

  • Green Cute Lace Bodycon Dress

There is always something intriguing about a lace dress, it normally has a way of capturing someones attention at the very first glance. In this case the lace being in a bright color as green even makes it more distinct. The first model paired the dress in a casual, playful way preferably a weekend look, maybe she is planning to head out for shopping with her friends and didn’t want to try too hard but wants y’all to know that she put in the work.

For the second model she definitely had to step out in style. Had her cute heels on with a matching clutch ready for her date with her special someone.

  • Sky Blue Culottes

Culottes, culottes. Have you ever wondered how Culottes are paired up? Well look no further than below, two words simple and effortless. The cloth itself is a unique piece the key here is playing around with colors for your shoes and your bag.

  • Blue Vertical Striped Jumpsuit

This is a look for those of us that love jumpsuits due to its flexibility and the ease of it be able to transform from one look to another with minimum effort. For a day look you could opt to wear flats head to the supermarket for some groceries shopping and at night, time to come alive paired in heels and a cute bag ready to paint the town red.

  • The Red Mermaid Dress.

The secret here is how you choose to accessorize the dress. You can decide to either go the minimalist way or the over the top way. Just pair it up in a way that makes you feel like a princess living her fairy tale life here on earth.

  • Pink Belted Romper

Rompers are just the cutest outfits to ever be invented, for they can literally be worn with heels, flats, wedges, sport shoes without it looking weird. All you need to do is channel your creativity and BOOM!! you become a master just like that. Never be afraid of embracing a new you from time to time.

That is all we have for today, thank you for taking your time to go through this blog post and stay on the look out for more amazing blog post we have in store. Do have an amazing day.

With Love, Luxur.

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